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The Point in life

More Than This - Patrick Ness

No matter what we have been through, the problems we faced, the achievements we gained- life goes on. I do not stop my mundane tasks and think about the meaning of the human life on regular bases- but when you read a book like this you can't help but wonder the point. Why do things happen to us ? What is the point. This book is not a key to open those doors for us. It doesn't give us the answers that really matter. It merely gets us to question ourselves and think. Maybe we will wake up someday and see that all we know is a lie. Maybe it will even be something really cool involving some matrix action and a revolution. Or maybe we will continue our lives just as it is and this idea will be nothing more than a science-fiction dystopia. The real question is why does the point matter ? I think what matters is what we think of life in general. Even if we know all the answers will it be important if we are unhappy ? There might be a purpose of life or our existence, I choose to believe there is- but for all we know all of this might be a coincidence . Either way we are given this life and it is our choice to how to live it. To be happy and be worthy of the time that is given to us. As Patrick Ness indicates maybe the point is there is no point. And that is what makes the journey worth having. Maybe there is "more than this" but it is more important for us to find the more in our own existence, just like Seth did in the last chapters.